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GST Registration

Documents Required For GST Registration

1. Copy of Pan Card of Business & Applicant (Owner/partner/director).

2. Identity Proof Documents (Owner/partner/director) – Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card or Voter Identity.

3. Address Proof Documents (Owner/partner/director) – Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card, as Identity Card.

4. Photograph of the (Owner/partner/director)

5. Business Registration Documents.

a. for Proprietorship – no Special Documents required.
b. for LLP or Company – Incorporation Certificate from MCA & Board Resolution.
c. for Entity Like Society, Trust, Club, Government Department or BOI – Registration Certificate.

6. Address Proof for Place of Business
a. for own Premises – Property Tax Receipt, Municipal Khata Copy, Sale Deed or copy of Electricity Bill.
b. for Rented or Leased Premises – Rental Agreement or Lease Deed and NOC ( if it is not Available then Affidavit and Possession Documents Like Electricity Bill.
c. for SEZ Premises – Principal Place of Business – Issued by Govt. to be Uploaded.
d. All other Cases – A copy of Consent Letter of the Owner and Municipal Khata Copy or Electricity Bill Copy.

7. Bank Account Proof -Cancelled Cheque or First page of Pass Book.

8. Class 2 Digital Signature for the Authorised Signatory (in the case of PVT and LLP).

Documents may very as per the requirement.

GST Registration

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GST Registration Service

GST(Goods and Service Tax) is an indirect tax which was passed by the parliament on the 29th March 2017 and came into effect on 1st July 2017. After coming of the GST tax, many of the taxes had been removed in India. It is proposed to all the stages of the product from the production of the product to the final consumption of the product. GST overcome the problem of overlapping of taxes that are added to a particular product.

Now, according to the law, every person who is doing business or any type of activity that generates income has to be submitted the GST tax, and the tax has to filled 3 times within in a month according to the law and those whoever will not fill the tax on stipulated time-frame may come under some legal problems and punishments. Though the process of GST Registration is not some rocket science still few get it right, whether a business person or a professional belonging to the field of CA’s, CS’s, etc.

How Can We Help You

GST Registration Services

The rules and regulations of the GST are changing very rapidly, which is one of the challenging problems. Businesses find it difficult to tackle the issues of their ventures and at the same time take note of changing rules of GST. 

At Tick and Tie, we have a team of experts who are in the business of Online Company Registration and other services belonging to the same genre. We are performing the tasks for the past many years building a cordial relationship with the customer and creating great work experience

We provide you the facility of maintaining all types of financial records & statements. From Online GST registration, filing of returns plus handling notices from time to time is our prime services covering under Tick and Tie GST Registration Services. The packages we offer are very affordable to opt for which helps you to maintain your budget and on a similar course helps you to save time and have complete focus on your Business Growth.


  • Legalize your company as per the rules and regulation of the Indian Government.
  • GST Registration gives your business authenticity through which you can easily explore all your ventures.
  • You can take the taxes from your customer legally and pass it to the supplier which increase your good relationship with the customers and suppliers both.You can take the taxes from your customer legally and pass it to the supplier which increase your good relationship with the customers and suppliers both.
  •  You can claim all the Input Tax Credit which you had paid earlier at the time of purchase which will directly improve your annual profit.
  •  The GST certificate document can help you while the opening of Bank accounts such as current account or business account.
  • You can easily apply for tenders in different states if you have GSTN.
Online GST Registration


GST Registration services from TICK AND TIE will assist you with experts which help you in gaining of GST Number for your business in a hassle-free method. Via simple steps mentioned below, you can have your GST Number delivered days or week depending on the scenarios.

Our Process:

1. Take Consultation from Tick and Tie.

2. Opt for convenient packages of GST.

3. Share your Required Documents.

4. Upload of the doc on Govt. Portal.

5. ARN generation will complete.

6. Get GST number on your e-mail.


  •   Business whose annual turnover over is Rs.40 lakhs p.a. (Rs.10 lakhs for the Northern States)
  •   The businessman who is doing business in a different state or more than one state.
  •   A businessman who are doing their business online i.e. selling their products through the internet.
  •   If you are doing international business or doing business in more than one country.
  •   If your business is previously registered under VAT, Excise Laws, Service Laws.
  •   Every e-commerce aggregator.
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