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comapny registration in delhi

Company registration is one of the government norms which is needed to be followed to validate the company. Registration is done through certain rules and regulation provided by the Company Act. Here at Tick and Tie, we provide the best services related to company registration in India and consultation for company registration and business StartUp with our professional advisors.

Company Registration is a mandatory process governed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Companies (Incorporation) Rule, 2014 followed by Company Act 2013 which has replaced previous Company Act 1956 (in limited ways). Company Act is implemented by the Parliament of India which enabled companies to be formed through registration, determined responsibilities of the company, members, directors and even provide the procedures for the suspension of a company.

The Limited company is the separate individual legal entity where, public limited are those where the corporate liability of the company is limited to assets owned by it and can generate capitals through shareholders, whereas the other kind is the private limited company registration which are privately funded company and cannot be listed with the stock exchange.

Private Limited Company Registration

Private limited companies are those business entities that is apprehended by a private owner and the owner’s liability is limited to the ownership stakes and funds invested by partners.

With the revised version of company act, no minimum capital is required to register a company which is appealing startups toward founding the private limited company. Other major factor startups prefer to register their company as the private limited company because of the benefits such as being enlisted and viewed on the site of MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) is helping them to promote/ advertise their business and generate funds easily.

The advantage of the private limited company is the number of members where the minimum of 2 directors and 2 members (and maximum of 200) are required for the incorporation of the private limited company with no minimum capital investment where Company registration gets easy with limited number of members and can be completed through Tick and Tie. The private limited company can start their business just after the grant of registration.

comapny registration in delhi

One Person Company (OPC) Registration

Company Act 2013 introduced a new concept of One Person Company to promote entrepreneurs who want to start an endeavor on their own. One Person company is treated as the private company with one shareholder, where one person company registration allows a single person to incorporate a Company. Compliance requirement of OPC is lesser than that of Private Limited.

Name of the company should be followed by one person Company in the brackets. Once OPC gets incorporated conversion to private or public limited can be done only after completion of two years from the date of incorporation, but mandatory conversion is required for One Person Company Registration to private or public limited when the paid-up principal of an OPC exceeds 50 lacs INR or its average annual turnover during the relevant period exceeds 2 crores INR.

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